Wish List

Asociación Ondine´s Wish List is another way Marine industries can support local marine conservation and science projects by donating goods and hardware that they no longer use or require. With these assets we will be able to continue current projects, begin future projects as well as begin the process of creating new projects that were not possible before the donation.

The combination of our new memberships and wish list donations allows us to take a huge step forward in the continued marine conservation work we are involved in, and the beauty of this concept is that it gives everyone in marine related industries the ability to contribute.

The following goods & hardware will be recieved gratefully and the donating company, yacht or individual will enjoy promotions through this site as well as the satisfaction of knowing something that is no longer of use to them is a highly valued asset for Asociación Ondine.

Asociación Ondine Wish ListShould you have any of the above material and want to donate it to us, please contact us so as we can discuss this with you directly.

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