Stingray & Skate Identification

To assist our volunteers with understanding the differences between species of local stingrays and skates that we are likely to encounter on the Mallorca Stingray Survey, we have a video for each species of ray and a comparison video for the Bull Ray and Common Eagle Ray. Along with a slideshow & PDF of the different species of skates.

With this understanding our volunteers will be able to correctly identify each indiviual ray or skate they encounter.

These videos can be downloaded from our Vimeo channel and used to refresh our volunteers knowledge prior to their scientific work.

Follow the below links to each video of Stingray species…

Common Stingray  Rough Tail Ray    Butterfly Ray   Common Eagle Ray   Bull Ray

Common Eagle Ray & Bull Ray comparison

We also have the following PDF & slideshow of Stingray species…

MSS Ray Identification Sheet    Stingray Identification Slideshow

Follow the below links to PDF & slideshow of Skate species…

MSS Skate Identification Sheet   Skate Identification Slideshow

A common feature with all elasmobranchs is their reproductive organs, hence identification of an individuals sex can be done by simply observing the presence or absence of the male´s claspers. The two photos below show the diffence between a male and a female elasmobranch.

Female No Claspers

Male Claspers






Useful links to help with identification of species and conservation status of species.

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