Sa Dragonera MPA proposal


Asociación Ondine is behind the creation of the Marine Protected Areas Working Group which, since the beginning of 2014, has been analysing and developing strategies related to Marine Protected Areas (MPAs). The objectives of this working group are to provide a constructive, critical and independent opinion to support the creation of MPAs in the Balearic Islands, with the proper monitoring and adaptive co-management to increase social involvement in the governance process of MPAs.OndineAsociacionLogoWEB.png

One of the main goals of this group has been, from its inception, the creation of new MPAs in the southwest of Mallorca and their inclusion, along with those already existing in the Illes Malgrats and Illa del Toro, in a network of MPAs defined by suitable environmental and socioeconomic criteria. The most important objective has been the declaration of a new marine reserve in the waters surrounding the island of Sa Dragonera, combining two goals: conservation of biodiversity and support for the local economy both via improving tourist activities and increasing benefits for artisanal fishing.

In line with the recent petition from the Town Council of Andratx for a marine reserve to be declared in the waters of Sa Dragonera, Asociación Ondine hereby presents a proposal for consideration during the phases of design, declaration and management of the new MPA. The proposal addresses aspects regarding the geographical perimeter of the MPA, the regulation of the main uses and activities to be developed within its boundaries, the surveillance and monitoring program, as well as co-management mechanisms to support the participation of the stakeholders involved. Click here to download AO Proposal – MPA Sa Dragonera April 2015

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