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Asociación Ondine is very proud to announce our MPA working group team members!


A message from our President Brad Robertson…

“As a non scientists and relatively new comer to Mallorca I am extremely proud and humbled to be able to introduce this group of scientists and professionals. With over 150 years combined experience between them working on and assisting in the establishment of local MPA´s here in the Balearics, we, Asociación Ondine, have a formidable team that share our organisations goals and ambitions.”

Josep Coll Montserrat, PhD

Joseph holds a PhD in marine ecology from the Universitat de les Illes Balears, he is a specialist in marine fish ecology and management of marine protected areas and artificial reefs.
He has participated in numerous research projects by the CSIC, IEO, UIB and the Govern de les Illes Balears own. The main effort in his work for over 20 years has focused on unique marine ecosytems of the Balearic Islands: Menorca Cabrera National Park, Parque Natural de Sa Dragonera and fisheries marine reserves Mallorca, Formentera and Menorca. Some of his work is published in international journals such as Bulletin of Marine Science, Fisheries Research and ICES Journal of Marine Science among others.

Miguel Pozo

Miguel is a marine biologist, professional diver and passionate underwater photographer, who began diving in the Strait of Gibraltar in the 1980´s.Miguel began his scientific diving career at the Marine Biological Laboratory at the University of Sevilla, working on various doctoral thesis.Miguel has worked at the IEO (Balearic Oceanographic Centre 1997-98), where he participated in studies of “reserve effect” and monitoring of fisheries in the PNMT of Cabrera. Mari culture and diving expeditions worldwide with PHARMAMAR, SA took Miguel on numerous campaigns for research into new marine compounds with antitumor activity.Miguel is well acquainted with our islands, having made numerous dives around Mallorca, Menorca, Ibiza and Formentera in his 20 years of residence in Mallorca and also in over fifty scientific campaigns diving. Since 2005, Miguel has been specializing in marine invertebrates and fish communities, he works as an environmental consultant, participating in projects related to conservation, marine biology and aquatic ecology, monitoring of marine protected areas, monitoring plans and impact assessments environmental, and is also responsible for campaigns diving.Shared concerns and objectives about the local marine environment and its conservation is why he join the marine reserves working group within Asociacion Ondine.To assist in the improvement and management of marine protected areas so as to preserve marine ecosystems for future generations is a great challenge.

Oliver Navarro Gil

Oliver is a biologist specializing in marine biology. He is from the Canary Islands. He has participated in many research projects focused mainly on the description of coastal fish populations, their ecology and management by establishing marine reserves. He has also participated in numerous scientific surveys and censuses on experimental fishing underwater. He has great knowledge of the management of marine reserves, and is also passionate about sharks and rays, having conducted several studies of their ecology in the Balearic Islands.

Benjami Reviriego

Benjamí is a marine biologist with a huge knowledge of our islands nature. He is from Menorca.His areas of expertise include aquatic ecology, benthic communities, marine protected areas, marine biomarkers, coastal dune communities, coastal wetlands, marine zooplankton and fisheries sustainability. He currently works as an environmental consultant, managing projects and participating in numerous campaigns. Between 2004 and 2008 he was an associate of the Department of Ecology at the Universitat de les Illes Balears as a teacher. In 1994 Benjami developed the project “Study of Benthic Communities and Ichthyofauna Associated Future Marine Reserves Calvia: Illa del Toro, Illes Malgrats.”, Which laid the foundation for the subsequent declaration of both reserves Since 2007 he is the president of the Monitoring Committee of both reserves. He has also participated in project monitoring and research of marine reserves elsewhere in the Balearic Islands.

Biel Morey

Biel is a Mallorquin marine biologist that has been involved in research for 20 years. He began snorkeling when he was a child and soon gained passion for the marine environment. Since then, his professional efforts have been addressed to conservation of marine resources in the Balearic Islands. As a member of research and managing institutions (e.g.IMEDEA, Fisheries Department of the Balearic Government), Biel has participated in 12 research projects mainly focusing on the description of  littoral fish populations, their ecology and management through the establishment of marine reserves. He has also participated in over 80 scientific campaigns including underwater visual census and experimental fishing operations. Biel’s passion for elasmobranchs (sharks, skates and rays) has led him to dedicate much of his professional efforts to research and conservation of this group of fishes. Since 2003 he is a member of the IUCN Shark Specialist Group, and has contributed in assessing species for the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species. He has also participated in a number of international meetings related to biology, management and conservation of elasmobranchs. The target of Biel is to share his knowledge with people interested in marine conservation. For this reason, he wants Asociación Ondine to become a forum where sharing experiences in marine environment for, ultimately, help in management and conservation of our sea.

Joan Moranta Mesquida

Joan obtained his degree in biology from the University of Balearic Islands, Spain in 1992; and completed his doctoral research at the same university in 2007 working on deep western Mediterranean demersal fish communities. Between 1992 and 2006 Joan worked at the Mediterranean Institute for Advanced Studies (CSIC-UIB IMEDEA) passing through different types of contracts, from laboratory assistant to technician but always associated to research projects (EU and national projects). His current role is senior researcher at the Oceanographic Centre of the Balearic Islands, one of the coastal centers of the Spanish Institute of Oceanography, since 2006. From October 2008 to July 2009 he was a visiting researcher at the School of Ocean Sciences, Bangor University (UK). Finally, from 2010 to 2012 he was the Scientific Coordinator of the Coastal and Marine Research Station Jaume Ferrer placed in the Mahón harbour in Menorca. Most of Joan´s work is about the study of fish populations, fish communities and ecosystem ecology. Joan isparticularly interested in the influence of environmental and anthropogenic factors on marine ecosystems and the ecosystem effects of fishing. However, his research interest spreads to other aspects of marine systems, so Joan enjoys working collectively with other biological and physical oceanographers and marine geologist.

I really believe that the interdisciplinary approach is the way to better understand the ecosystem functioning and promote the conservation of the biological diversity. I sincerely expect that my research can be helpful to achieve these goals.”

Olga Reñones

Olga graduated in Biological Sciences at the Autonomous University of Madrid in 1982. From then until 1991 Olga worked in the area of ​​aquaculture within both public and private national research . Since 1991 , Olga works in the Balearic Oceanography Centre of the Spanish Institute of Oceanography as Technical Specialist I + D + I. During this time she worked mainly on national and international projects aimed at evaluating the effect of environmental factors and human activities in the Mediterranean coastal ecosystems. In particular Olga is interested in the change experienced by populations of marine fish and invertebrates in relation to fisheries exploitation in both aspects of their biology (reproduction, growth and feeding ) and in their behaviour and distribution.

Oscar Espinasa

A naturalist and underwater photographer for over 25 years. Oscar Espinasa traveled extensively around the world working with  photography and underwater video. Recently he established Mar Balear Dive Center in Port Adriano. Oscar is the senior specialist of TV’s Extreme Challenge, and accompanies Jesus Calleja in all his underwater adventures. Oscar holds certifications for Instructor of recreational and technical diving as well as professional diving. Oscar holds the titles for underwater photography including Balearic and Spanish champion.

Brad Robertson

Brad Robertson is an Australian diver, small business owner, resident of Mallorca and passionate about preserving and improving the local marine environment around the Balearic Islands. Brads diving experience includes 20 years of recreational diving, mostly along the east coast of Australia and 10 years working as a dive instructor in various locations around the world.

For the past 5 years Brad and his wife Bea have been establishing their small business, Ondine Escape, which has always held education and conservation as an extremely important aspect of Ondine´s operations. Now, with the formation of Asociación Ondine, Brad has a team of professionals working with him with a common goal, to conserve and improve local marine ecosystems with the view of involving local people as often as possible. Brad is active in organising public events to raise awareness of local marine issues and believes that for anything to change it is the local people that will make it happen.


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