MPA Team Objectives

MeroThe main objective of the MPA team is to create an efficient network of Marine Protected Areas (MPAs) around the Balearic Islands. Strategically planning by merging the financial benefits of healthy marine ecosystems, applied sciences and management strategies.

The team intends to pursue a MPA think tank with the authorities and to users for the choice, design and management of MPAs as most optimal and positive as possible. The MPA team has the profound conviction that a reasonably well-managed network of MPAs in the Balearic Islands would be hugely positive for nature and society itself. We are also aware of the enormous economic and social importance of activities like diving, recreational fishing, traditional fishing techniques and their relationship to the main productive activity of this region: tourism.

The science of MPAs is multidisciplinary in nature, where knowledge of the natural values ​​of each area, as habitats, communities or species must be accompanied by knowledge of the possible pressures and impacts that these natural values ​​may suffer. The contrast of these two types of information is the path that can lead to an optimal management of the marine environment, where pure conservation objectives and their compatibility with different uses (diving, snorkeling, fishing, etc ..) is analysed as rationally and productively possible.Divers

The conservation objectives set by the regional, national and European legislation are very wide, and now many of them are not being achieved. By 2020, the EU requires its riparian states marine ecosystems are in good environmental status. It is precisely the lack of focus on MPAs and marine sea ecosystems in general as being socio-ecological systems, which is one of the causes of the lack of progress in establishing a good network of MPAs or conservation objectives of the marine ecosystems.

The advice to management, mediation between various administrative departments; mediation between users, scientists and administration; disseminating the values ​​of MPAs, and the development and application of the concept of marine stewardship for more efficient management of these spaces are the specific tools that the AMP team aims to develop from Asociación Ondine.

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