Mallorca Stingray Survey

A Ray of Light from Scarlet View Media on Vimeo.

pregnant rayWith the successful completion of The Mallorca Stingray Survey, we would like to thank Joves Navegants and all our local volunteers who gave up their time to help us monitor our beloved Stingrays.

Gabriel Morey has analysed the data for our understanding and development of new projects, we will also share these results with our local government, as well as provide recommmendations for management of the Bay of Palma Marine Reserve.

We are extremely happy to announce, that due to the success of our first survey we will continue our work with this local population of Common Stingrays, phase 2 will begin at the start of May 2014.

Phase 3 is planned for 2015, this will involve the use of more advanced technologies such as audio transmitter tags and receivers.

The Mallorca Stingray Survey Phase 2 will include the capture, tag and release of individual rays followed by a series of visual sensus to observe tagged individuals. As well as conducting similar surveys in 2015 to learn about the return of individuals to this area. Local fishermen will be informed about our project, should they capture any tagged stingrays they can inform us of this individual or individuals.

Our new objectives for phase 2 include:

  • Define nursery areas and habitat utilization during mating season
  • Determine movement patterns and dispersal of the Common Stingray population living in the Bay of Palma Marine Reserve
  • Calculate growth rate of individuals (Dependant on the number of captures)
  • Confirm annual use and re-use of nursery area by individual rays (Common with many elasmobraches)



We are also very excited about our new research vessel to use for phase 2 of this project, Bonnie Lass. She has been very kindly offered to Asociacion Ondine for the duration of the project by owner and captain Mr. Pete Lucas and his wife Roo. Read more about Bonnie Lass here.

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