Mallorca Stingray Survey Phase 2

10330363_665328196854592_3376974895830115088_n18 maritime professionals, 2 boats, 2 kids, 1 dog and 135 stingrays.

Whilst many people in Mallorca were enjoying the Palma Boat Show there was a team of Asociacion Ondine volunteers out in the Bay of Palma conducting what is possibly the largest privately funded Stingray Monitoring program ever conducted here in the Meditteranean.

The Mallorca Stingray Survey Phase 2 was conducted over 3 very long days by some of the most wonderful and professional people we have ever had the pleasure to work with.

We had 5 individual teams that made up the whole crew.

The RV Bonnie Lass crew led by the amazing Pete Lucas.


The Asociacion Ondine Marine Biology team led by our IUCN Shark Specialist group member Gabriel Morey.

The Asociacion Ondine Dive team led by marine conservationist and captain Dominique Geyson

The Scarlet View Media team led by the one and only David Diley and the Mar Balear Centro de Buceo boat team who has a legendary leader, Oscar Espinasa.

As mentioned, individually these people are all at the top of their game, as a team and a new team at that, we all showed that experience prevails when it is needed.


Our mission was to catch and tag common stingrays within the Bay of Palma Marine Reserve so as we can monitor and learn valuable information about their movement patterns, growth rates and behavior. We had a goal of 100 stingrays to catch, measure, tag and release. Considering how many rays we had come across in the 2013 Stingray Survey we were quietly confident we could achieve this number.


Did we succeed?

You will have to wait for the release of Scarlet View Media´s A Ray of Light 2, which is said to be ready by the end of summer 2014.

With the huge exposure we received from A Ray of Light we are expecting the local and international audience to grow with the release of the sequel. Our first film was seen in over 190 countries, had over 100000 individual views online, has been aired on television in two countries and was selected for two major independent film festivals, including a headline slot in the international touring, “Beneath The Waves Film festival.” This was all achieved through word of mouth and with zero promotion, imagine what we can achieve with a bit of help!

In order for us to give maximum exposure and impact for the film, we are looking for sponsorship so if you or your marine related businesses would like to sponsor A Ray of Light 2 and reap the rewards of the exposure you will receive, please contact either or for more details.


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