Illa del Toro

El Toro Marine Reserve


The marine area of the island El Toro (Calvia, Mallorca) and waters within it, Clot des Moro and Cala Refeubetx, have a high ecological value also for fisheries through its diversity of habitats, benthic communities and local fish, a fact revealed by the study “Societat d’Historia Natural de les Balears” in 1994. The meadows of the seagrass (Posidonia oceanica) fill large areas and on its rocky bottoms many species with commercial interests gather, some of these for reproductive purposes. Both the Posidonia and many of the species present in these waters deserve adequate protection.

The depth of this area and its location make it an exceptional place to find migratory pelagic species. It will show in the future if the declaration as a marine reserve effect the sedentary species (grouper, sea bass, etc.) negatively through recreational fishing.


The marine reserve is located from Clot des Moro and Cala Refeubetx all around the islands of El Toro and Es Pans. The marine reserve is accessible from Port Adriano (Calvia, Mallorca), southwest of the Bay of Palma de Mallorca. Because of its wide array of species and clear waters it is a very popular spot for diving.

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