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Stefan & Irina SponsorsStefan & Irina Hearst have been supporting, promoting and working within Asociación Ondine since before we existed.

Bea Esparza replied to a small add Stefan had put up in Club de Mar back in 2011 regarding coastal clean ups and kids involvement, the rest is history!

This history includes providing full funding for the initial Mallorca Stingray Survey, working closely with our elasmobranch tagging team to develop larger projects as well as introducing us to the wonderful team at Monterey Aquarium!

Most recently Stefan and Irina have secured and sponsored a place on board National Geographic Vessel, Orion, for Brad Robertson to participate in the TED sponsored Mission Blue II.

Asociación Ondine would not be where we are today without the unconditional support shown by these two amazing people. Thank you Mr. and Mrs. Hearst, you are our first Honorary Life members and pioneers in the drive to protect, improve and better understand the Balearic Sea!

A message from Stefan and Irina Hearst…

Why we support Association Ondine:Asociación Ondine

Apart from a gaggle of well meaning locals and the occasional scuba diver doing his bit to clean up the seabed, in the last forty years I’ve seen very little concern for the waters of Mallorca.

I remember playing on the beaches as a child and tripping over seashells. Big ones! Now you’d be lucky to trip over anything but a plastic cup and the “all inclusive” tourist that dropped it there.

The Mediterranean is in grave trouble.

How did this happen?!

Horribly simple really. Mix ignorance, greed, decades of unabated coastal construction and the package holiday blight……….voila!

How do we fix it?!

You could do like us and support hard working individuals and organisations such as Brad, Bea and Asociacion Ondine. Their respectful approach to conservation and convivial spirit have engendered an unprecedented level of Mallorquin cooperation. As anybody on the island knows, without the local’s support you’re dead in the water. In so, Asociación Ondine was able to attract and put together a world class team of oceanographers, business owners and concerned citizens alike.

THAT! my dear fellows is why we support Asociación Ondine. 

Warmest regards and keep up the good work!

Stefan & Irina Hearst

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