Dos Manos

Together we are building a community-driven movement for positive change.

Through our Dos Manos Beach Clean ups, School Programme and Partners Programme, Asociación Ondine works together with individual households, schools, companies and event organisers to reduce locally produced plastic pollution, ultimately aiming to achieve a single-use-plastic-free Balearics. 

Dos Manos

Dos Manos Beach Clean-ups

The Dos Manos Beach Clean Project, inspired by the Australian "Two Hands" project, was launched in 2015 and has been growing in popularity ever since. Throughout 2016 over 1.4 tons of plastic waste was removed from 14 beaches around Mallorca by more than 760 volunteers.

The project consists of public beach clean-ups organised on average once a month on various beaches around Mallorca. We invite local volunteers of all ages and backgrounds to come and socialise while using their "Dos Manos" to clean up a piece of our world. In general, between 30 - 150 volunteers attend each event, some of which include underwater clean ups together with scuba divers, free divers and paddle surfers.

The volunteers gain a better understanding of the problems of plastic pollution and its solutions while simultaneously collecting valuable scientific data. The collected items are separated into categories, counted, weighed and data recorded before being disposed of in specific containers.

Regular collection of data from local beaches over long periods enables us to better understand and solve local problems caused by plastic pollution. This knowledge allows us to create targeted campaigns, public service announcements and science-based multimedia that help bring feasible solutions closer to the community, facilitating a transition towards a single-use-plastic-free lifestyle.

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Dos Manos Beach Clean-ups

Dos Manos Schools Programme

Asociación Ondine's Dos Manos Schools Programme explores the issue of plastic in the marine environment and the effect this has on our marine life and ourselves. It is offered to local schools with the aim of reaching and engaging as many students, teachers and parents as possible into marine conservation, ultimately helping to shape an environmentally caring and proactive local population and future generation. 

The programme is offered in English, Spanish and Catalán, and comes in two versions: a standard three-day version for students of 13/14 years and above, and a one-day Junior version for students younger than 13 years. 

During the programme we look at the impact of plastic pollution on marine ecosystems, the connectivity between human behaviour and the marine environment, and our responsibility for it.

It is a hands-on programme during which the students do a local excursion during which they conduct a Dos Manos beach clean up. They undertake a scientific survey, analyse their results and discuss possible solutions to local problems. 

The programme raises awareness and promotes reflection on how we can replace or re-use plastic to limit its demand in our everyday life, as well as how we can prevent plastic from ending up in the environment. It inspires and empowers students to find innovative solutions to common problems caused by plastic pollution.

“We are well on our way to making differences at our school and in our homes! The children went home with so many positive ideas that they are excited to get started on. Many parents at the school also thanked us for arranging such an important learning opportunity for their children. We will keep you up-to-date on the changes we make - one step at a time. Thank you for a fantastic day and for your enthusiasm and dedication. You have most definitely inspired us to make a difference!” - Teacher Sarah Cooper from Balearic International School 

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Dos Manos Schools Programme

Dos Manos Partners Programme

Asociación Ondine is regularly contacted by individuals as well as corporations who express a wish to become single-use-plastic-free in their everyday life and/or within their organisation. With a limited understanding of the root cause of the problems of plastic pollution, often combined with lack of time and resources to search for the right solutions, they express a need for guidance and support in the transition towards reduction of single-use plastics. 

The Dos Manos Partners Programme, which is currently under development, will therefore be an important step towards one of Asociación Ondine's main objectives: to considerably reduce negative human impact on Balearic marine ecosystems caused by locally produced plastic pollution.

Through customised partnerships with event organisers, companies and industries we aim to achieve a significant reduction of locally produced plastic pollution.

By facilitating the crossover to environmentally responsible choices and promoting single-use-plastic-free events and businesses we are combining single-use-plastic-free practices with brand enhancement.

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Dos Manos Partners Programme