Become an Asociación Ondine Partner School

Together we are shaping an environmentally conscious and proactive young generation that is growing up in the Balearics. 

What defines an Asociación Ondine Partner School?

Our Partner Schools help us ensure the long-term sustainability of the Dos Manos Schools programme. They contribute a monthly donation towards our work and as a token of our appreciation receive exclusive advantages. The impact of a Partner School however, extends far beyond the work of Asociación Ondine. 

Being a Partner School is about making a statement by showing your support for local marine conservation in words and in action. 

It’s about integrating environmental care into the school environment by inspiring your students to make a difference, by nurturing their initiatives, igniting their spark, recovering their hope and enabling them to believe in themselves and their ideas.

It is about taking the lead in becoming a role model for your own students, your local community, and for other schools to follow, all the while powering a growing wave of positive change.

What defines an Asociación Ondine Partner School?

How are Partner Schools making a difference?

By working with us, our Partner Schools are taking active steps to integrate environmental care and single-use-free practices into the core values of their school. 

School management are organising plastic assemblies and participating in our Dos Manos Partners Programme.

Students are organising fun awareness days, creative fundraisers and single-use-plastic free family picnics. 

Schools are involving student families in local marine conservation by having them join our public Dos Manos beach cleans, single-use-plastic free events and presentations. 

Through the use of our Dos Manos Activity Book students are taking active steps to inspire a reduction of plastic pollution in their surroundings while solidifying themselves as active change makers. 

Join the movement and help us achieve a lasting change by becoming an Asociación Ondine Partner School today! Contact to learn more. 

How are Partner Schools making a difference?

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