Asociación Ondine´s community of local people include 2 very special local artists who, through their work, promote and support our projects and raise awareness of local issues. We are very proud to have Joanna and Rikki as part of this very special group of local people.

Marieke ( Rikki) Tollenaere


I was born into a Flemish family of artists and raised in Antwerp where I studied interior design at the Academy of Arts .After my studies as interior designer and later master painter , I ran my own painting business in Belgium; specializing in marble and wood imitations trompe l?-oeil, and gold leaf. I always had a passion for sailing and after having sailed for many years between the Mediterranean, Caribbean, Northern America, the Indian ocean and south East Asia I developed a taste and eye for details, composition and colour.

I have made Mallorca my home where I started painting on canvas in 2005. My favourite medium is oil paint but often I combine this with other materials; newspaper photos and real sail cloth , which gives the paintings more life and depth.

Because I have always been attracted to the sea I decided to start painting waves and came up with the idea to turn it into a project to raise more awareness to keep our oceans clean, Asociacion Ondine seemed like the perfect organisation to achieve that goal.

I have decided to call the project “Making 100 Waves” and for every wave I sell I will donate a percentage to Ondine.

You can keep following the project on my facebook page

Joanna - Dos ManosJoanna Kuhne

Asociacion Ondine has emerged on the island of Mallorca just in time for me to jump on-board . I have done marine environmental work in the past off the coast of  my adopted village of Deia, Mallorca and  it is time for me to spring into action again.  . I settled here some 33 years ago having been drawn to the clear waters and sea life around the Balearic islands and it now clearly needs help to survive the effects that masses of humanity have had on our island´s  watery world.  .

I am a ceramic  artist and have used my art work in the past to draw awareness to the need to protect this sea life.  I am re-igniting my purpose again, inspired by Brad´s efforts through Asociacion Ondine . I want to support the budding Asociacion  by creating ceramic art which will honor and foster value and awareness of the Asociacion and it´s important role here on the island .

Keep a look out for my ceramic  fish tiles with an Asociacion Ondine sticker on it for sale. Sales of the tiles will support the efforts of the Asociacion.

in solidarity,

Joanna de Deià


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