Bonnie Lass

Bonnie_Lass_1.0Asociación Ondine welcomes our newest members of the O-Team.

Peter and Roo Lucas, owners of Bonnie Lass, have offered their services and their vessel free of charge to assist with The Mallorca Stingray Survey Phase 2. Thank you folks!

We all share a common goal with our new team members, for Bonnie Lass to become Asociación Ondine´s primary marine research vessel. First things first though, let’s make The Mallorca Stingray Survey Phase 2 a huge success and learn from the process ensuring future projects run smoother and become more effective.

Captain Peter has been working aboard sailing yachts and research vessels for 15 years, logging over 170,000 sea miles from the Western Isles of Scotland to the shores of Madagascar.

Pete Lucas

He and his family have settled in Mallorca and recently bought Bonnie Lass, an ex fishing vessel from 1949. Now on her mooring in Soller harbour he and his wife Roo are developing her as a marine research and conservation vessel for work in the Balearics and around the Med. They are both keen to start working with Asociación Ondine soon.

Welcome to the O-Team Pete, Roo and Bonnie Lass!!



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