Bea Esparza

Bea Esparza was born in Pamplona, currently resides in Mallorca and is a director at Ondine Escape. Her connection with nature has been there since very early stages. Bea grew up in the foothills of the Pyrenees and it was later in Australia that she learnt to dive, when she met Brad Robertson.

Bea has over 10 years of educational and social experience working in diverse backgrounds. She has a special interest in working with indigenous communities, and did so in Central America and Australia. She wanted to learn and live with the indigenous people, as they all respect nature and live in harmony with her.

In various occasions Bea and Brad have combined their passions and have taken local children out in their seas, giving them the opportunity to learn and appreciate what is around them.

Bea wants to help the marine environment in the Balearic Islands and believes that respect begins with knowledge.

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